AT&T Uverse + Call of Duty NAT Type Strict

This is for those having issues with call of duty and PlayStation being NAT type strict. Just open the following port 3074-3075 and you will have open NAT type on PS4. This might work for Xbox One.

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Lacie 1TB External Thunderbolt Drive

I recently picked up a Lacie 1TB External Thunderbolt Drive mainly for backing up my vmware images and pictures. It works fairly fast at roughly 90mb/s read and write. It is drop proof which is most defiantly a positive when working out in the field taking pictures.

Save some money and just get the USB 3.0 one […]

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Apple Watch?

Which Apple Watch are you getting or not getting? I am planning on picking up the sport watch in all black. Why you ask? This is a simple answer and it is because they all do the same thing. From the sport to the edition watch they all do the same thing. Your watch will […]

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Trees Atlanta

I recently did service work for Trees Atlanta. It was a lot of fun planting trees at a cemetery. I learned a good bit about our environment and planting trees. This is most definitely something I could do again in the near future.

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Macbook Pro 13″ Retina Early 2015 2.7GHz, 8GB 1867Mhz, 256GB SSD

The Apple Macbook Pro 13″ Retina is truly fast. When they say x2 faster SSD they were not lying to us. A speed test was able to test 1.2GBs this is just insanely fast, add this with google fiber there would be no delay anywhere!

The specs on this machine are perfect for just about anything.

Intel i5 […]

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Mac Mini 2012 as Server

Setting up the Mac mini as a server is very simple. It is also nice to set it up to auto download your TV Shows and movies with iTunes so it plays nicely with your Apple Tv’s.

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Welcome to my website where I post reviews on new items and also offer support!

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